Summer Lighting For The Garden July 02, 2015 11:40


It's hot, Wimbledon has begun, yes Summer has most definitely arrived here in the UK!

Suddenly my thoughts turn to the room I neglect the most - the garden.  Not that it's completely neglected as Mr Hunky has a certain obsession with mowing the lawn, but I'm not green-fingered and the garden isn't an area I spend a lot of time on.   So I'll leave the plants well alone and focus on other ways to 'decorate' our outdoor space, there are lots of options for outdoor lighting now and by lighting the outside you extend the reach of your home in the evening.

Different spaces in the garden lend themselves to different types of lighting, whether you want to create a romantic, intimate space or to use lighting to define a path or highlight plants.  Soft lighting is best for decorative purposes, I'd save the floodlights for the football pitch or for security purposes.

Obviously a British summer tends not to last very long, so the options I'm looking at are all temporary and can be stored indoors for next year, no mains wiring here!


String Lights For The Garden

I love it when I see trees all twinkly and magical at night, white fairy lights just bring them alive at night.  I've been meaning to get some solar powered lights for our garden for ages.  Solar power makes sense outside because who has a handily placed electrical socket right beside their trees?  

 Solar Bloom String Lights For The Garden  Garden Chinese Lanterns

I think these Solar Power Bloom lights look really pretty and they're only £9.99 from Lights 4 Fun at the moment, they look lovely nestled in a hedge or tree at night.  The other type of string lights that I like are the round lanterns, I've seen them in lots of colours, but I do like these Solar metal ones, they have a Moroccan feel to them.

Table Lights For The Garden

Table Lantern

We have a new garden table and chairs and I'm thinking about a large hurricane lantern with a citronella candle to sit in the middle of the table.  I like this Traditional Fisherman lantern from Not On The High Street, it will look just as at home inside in the winter as outside in the summer.  

Solar powered filigree lamp

I'm not so keen on solar powered lights for the table as I think the light looks too artificial, but I do like this porcelain filigree solar powered lamp I found on Not On The High Street, it will look attractive on the table during the day and pretty all lit up at night.  

Lighting The Garden Path

Garden Oil Lamps

There are lots of solar powered lights that you can stick into the ground alongside your pathway, for parties and summer evenings, I really like these oil torches by London Garden Trading

A pretty idea for parties is to use candle bags to line the walkway/entranceway, you can use LED tea lights so you don't have to worry about candles blowing over! There is a good selection of candle bags online at The Candle House.

Other Novelty Lighting For The Garden

These colourful solar powered lanterns look just as lovely in the daytime as illuminated at night, they can be hung individually from trees or grouped together like this.  

If you've got a pool (lucky thing) or a pond (more likely) these floating Chinese lanterns from The Glow Company would look lovely bobbing about in the evening.  Also from the same place are these cube seats which light up, suited to a modern space they'd be great for a party.

I'd love to hear how you light your garden or if you have any unusual suggestions.