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My Hunkydory Home - Spring has sprung! March 4, 2017 19:44

Wallpaper, my new interior love! April 1, 2016 15:33

I have a new interior obsession: wallpaper.

Having shied away from wallpapering for many years (after one occasion when we questioned the need for a plumb line and then realised when we reached the end why it was necessary) we are rediscovering it in the hunkydory home. Why stick with boring old emulsion when you can have fabulous pattern on the walls?

I’m over the moon with the Darjeeling Mini Moderns wallpaper we’ve used in the bedroom and have now convinced Mr hunky that we now need to tackle the hall and stairs (I mean the 4 doorways and all those fiddly bits can’t be that difficult to paper around can they?).  What is great about wallpapering is that it actually transforms a room much quicker than painting once you get the hang of it, once the paper’s on the wall, job done.

darjeeling wallpaper

Darjeeling wallpaper from Mini Moderns

The only problem now is the choice, with so many fabulous designs available it’s difficult to know where to begin. Fortunately there are lots of places online to look for inspiration and interior design ideas. It’s much easier to decide when you can see pictures of the papers in-situ and in similar spaces. I’ve enjoyed hours drooling over designs, decide upon one and then find it’s over £100 a roll and have to start the search again.

For an entrance hall I think it’s important to choose something that expresses your personality without being too ‘in your face’ and much as I like bright colour, I don’t want anything too overwhelming when you step through the front door. I’m looking a design with neutral, calm colours and a design which brings the outside in without being ‘country cottage’, something to reflect where I live in the country but not flowery or green wellies! I really love the papers from St Judes, particularly this Harvest Hare design and his lovely Autumn paper from Bold and Noble, Hannah Nunn also has some gorgeous new designs in soft colours, but unfortunately all these wallpapers are slightly more than I can afford to spend given that I have rather a large space to cover.

Bold and Noble

Autumn wallpaper from Bold & Noble

Meadow wallpaper from Hannah Nunn


After much deliberation, I have settled upon this Scion Kelda wallpaper , I think the cute hedgehogs have won me over as well as the (just) under £40 price tag!

Now, just got to get it on the wall... anybody got a long ladder?

this post was written in collaboration with homify

Easter DIY: How we decorated our daughter's bedroom April 27, 2015 12:34

A few weeks ago I shared my plans to decorate little miss' bedroom over the Easter holidays, as usual the job took longer than planned mainly because I'm married to a perfectionist who need to fill every teeny tiny hole in the wall and sand every teeny tiny bump!  If it was left to me I'd slap the paint on so I could move onto the fun accessorising bits, anyway, we have now finished - hooray!

The colours were all chosen by little miss so we were working with a turquoise, pink and purple scheme and she absolutely, definitely wanted purple curtains (more on that later!).  

We painted the wall behind her bed using a B&Q colours paint called 'Chance', it's not the greatest paint to work with but equally it's not expensive and we only wanted to do one wall in it.  Little miss really wanted some sparkly stars and I found this set of Copper Star Stickers by Ferm Living which I think look lovely and they really catch the light.  Around the top of her four poster bed (yes I know, she's lucky) we twisted felt bunting and purple fairy lights, it really is the prettiest cosiest place to sleep!


bedroom with desk

The rest of the walls were painted white and then we accessorised using the accent colours.  The Ikea desk was previously bright green so I primed it with Zinsser Bin (I love this stuff) and then used a Valspar spray paint to change it to turquoise, I'll definitely be using the Valspar paint again as it worked a treat.  

I bought this huge cork notice board online, it had a plain pine frame which I painted pink and hung over her desk.

There were already some built in shelves in the room and so we painted them pink and purple and they make a great area for little miss to display all her precious ornaments and keepsakes.  I used the Valspar spray paint to paint the picture frames the same colour as the desk and put in some felt owl artwork that little miss and I made a few weeks ago.   

Finally came the curtains... everybody assumes that because I can sew a cushion that I must be able to sew everything and anything including curtains, this couldn't be further from the truth!  Sewing patterns and terminology terrify me so making the curtains was not a consideration at first, however the bay window in the bedroom is 3 metres wide and I discovered that you can't buy ready-made curtains this size.   Given that I was being quoted £100s to get the curtains specially made I decided to rise to the challenge and make the purple curtains myself.  

homemade purple curtains

Thank goodness for YouTube, this fantastic video showing you how to make simple lined curtains enabled me to make my first pair, they're not perfect, but they fit, they're lined and they're purple!  It really wasn't as difficult as I had imagined and I'll definitely be making curtains for other rooms in the house.  I ended up spending £41.72 on all the fabric and trimmings saving a small fortune.

So with the addition of a rug and a few other accessories that's it, and we're really pleased with the result and most importantly little miss loves it!  It's so satisfying to do it all yourself, it just makes a room a little bit more special and personal to you.  The only thing that's missing now is a lampshade, yes I know, you'd have thought I'd have had that sorted....