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Help! How do I create a Minecraft themed bedroom? September 22, 2016 13:45

I'm sure many of you are like me and have lovely ideas for how to decorate your offspring's bedrooms; browsing Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, I mean where else in the house can you be really bold with colour and fun features than your child's room?

Then your plans are brought abruptly to a halt.  They want a Minecraft themed room, a room of brown and green and black blocks, I think there's barely anything less inspiring to an adult with a head full of whimsical ideas. 

Fear not, I have been there and I reached a compromise with my daughter; we won't paint walls dull colours, we won't buy overpriced merchandise.  We agreed to make our own accessories with a nod to the game (as let's face it, it will be another craze in a year or so), this enabled us to have fun creating together.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you.

I made this patchwork quilt for my daughter following a tutorial I found on Pinterest, I've never made a quilt before and it was a real labour of love.  She uses it as an extra blanket on the bed and also when she's curled up on the sofa watching youtubers.  I like the idea of using a traditional craft to create something very modern.

Creeper cushion

We also made some mini Creeper cushions, these were super easy.  We got some bright green fabric from IKEA and some black felt.  We cut the creeper shape out of the felt and stuck (easier for kids than sewing) it onto the fabric.


I used the same fabric from the reverse of the quilt I made to make this pixels lampshade , the beauty of the lampshade is that it's easy to change when she has a new interest.

What's been fun about creating these accessories for my daughter's Minecraft room is that we've been able to both be involved in the process and my daughter has really enjoyed educating me about her favourite game.   I thoroughly recommend this approach!  I hope it gives you some inspiration for decorating your Minecraft fan's room too.