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Hunkydory Home Turns Ten July 14, 2015 14:22

This week will be 10 years since I first started Hunkydory Home.  I hadn't realised it was my 10th anniversary until people started congratulating me on LinkedIn today, so here we are, a lot has happened in the last decade.  

At the beginning of 2005 my husband and I left our jobs and took a road trip down the west coast of the USA.  As we drove from Whistler down to San Diego we talked about what we wanted to do with our lives.  He had already decided to retrain as a teacher, a career which he has thrived in ever since, and I had no clue what I was going to do, so far I had worked as cabin crew, in an off license, as a travel consultant, an adminstrator and none of them had floated my boat.  When we returned to the UK we spent £75 on a sewing machine from Argos and taught ourselves to sew zips into fabric so we could make cushion covers to sell on ebay, we got our £75.00 back within a week and were sewing cushions morning, noon and night - this was the start of what is now Hunkydory Home.  

Mr hunky went on to teacher training and I temped in various jobs whilst still making cushions to sell on ebay.  This was in the days when the 'House Doctor' and Sarah Beeny told everyone to make sure their homes were neutral, magnolia walls and sellable and there I was making bright, bold, retro cushions flying in the face of what you were 'supposed' to do with your home.  It turned out there was a demand for colour and pattern, and when one day I was asked if I made lampshades too I decided to give it a go.  The lampshades and cushions sold well on ebay (nobody else was selling anything like what I was offering back then) and the next logical step seemed to be to start a 'proper' business.  

Original Logo

My original website logo

In July 2005 with a bit of help from the Prince's Trust and North Tyneside Business Centre, Hunkydory Home was born.  I launched my own website, got a bank account and a logo and became officially self employed, it was very exciting.  Slowly but surely the business grew and I busied myself making, promoting, administrating and wearing multiple hats as all small business owners do.

8 years ago I welcomed my daughter into the world and she has known nothing but Hunkdory in her life; she is used to boxes and bubble wrap filling the house and lampshades being made on the kitchen table.  She has seen my grow the business so much that I could never take a day off, moved it out of the home and into premises and then watched me as I decided I didn't like abandoning my creative roots and being enslaved to the business and brought it back home again.  

Packing mugs, tea towels, plant pots etc... time to move into premises!

Today Hunkydory Home is back to being all about cushions and lampshades (well, a bit different to the beginning as I'm selling lamps and lighting too).  In my 10th year I will be launching the first exclusive Hunkydory collection of products,  I'm just in the process of getting the fabric printed and products made up and they'll be launching soon. I'm as excited about the business now as I was when I first started.

Hunkydory Home has always existed to enable me to have a creative outlet, to work with homewares and follow my interest in interiors and to allow me to be flexible around the rest of my life. I do not consider myself an entrepreneur, I am quite happy running my business from the heart of my home without worrying about growth and making millions, I guess it's taken me 10 years to realise that.